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Students & Institutions

  • Training & Development

    The Training and Development COLLEGE is designed for Landi Renzo professionals to support them through all the stages of their professional growth, with particular emphasis on activities of a technical–specialist..

  • FirstClass

    FirstClass COLLEGE deals with the design, management and evaluation of management training for staff development, to foster the achievement of the Group's strategic objectives.   FirstClass College.....

  • Training for Installers

    The Installers COLLEGE designs and manages training and development for the network of Landi Renzo authorised workshops and for the partner workshops of the car manufacturers we work with.Training delivered to car..

  • Partnership & Development

    The Partnership & Development COLLEGE organizes and promotes cultural, training and research activities with the institutional and commercial partners of the Landi Group. Among the various..

In House PHDs

Within the scope of the Grace project, funded under the European Commission's Erasmus programme, the Corporate University will be launching an experimental project for the introduction of two in-house PhDs: · one..  »

Research and Development Centre

The Landi Renzo Research and Development Centre is unique in the sector thanks to its remarkable equipment and facilities and to the cutting edge technologies used in the study and manufacture of its products, which..  »